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We here at Fleur Pet Hospital have always taken very seriously the health of our patients. During this trying time of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is of upmost importance that we work to protect not only our patients but also our staff and clients. Since the situation with COVID-19 is dynamic, we will continue to monitor the changes and do whatever is necessary to work with those changes.

We are working within the parameters set by local and federal guidelines to ensure that we are doing our part to limit exposure and still continue giving care to those patients that are in need. Thus the following changes have occurred at this time.

Our grooming facility is currently closed until further notice. We are a open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Wednesdays for curbside pickup. As soon as we re-open these services we will be giving an update on our website and also send an additional card out by email.

Until further notice, please call in advance before coming to the clinic as we still have the building closed to staff only. Call us to refill medications, get food or make an appointment. Then when you are parked at the clinic, call us from your vehicle. We will obtain your payment and bring out your items or retrieve/return your pet to you.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this stressful time for everyone. We look forward to being able to do business again person to person. Until then stay safe and healthy!

Dr. Lisa Williams
Fleur Pet Hospital

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All About How Fleur Pet Hospital Treats Their Patients

A lot of people have positive experiences at the veterinarian once the staff gets to know them.  However, one of the most important aspects of any good pet doctor is how they treat new patients.  Are they welcoming to you and your fur-baby?  Are they gentle and reassuring to him or her?  This blog is all about how our staff at Fleur Pet Hospital treats first-time arrivals and familiar patients.  Do read on.

How Do They Achieve Success?

At our Des Moines veterinarian facility, aka Fleur Pet Hospital, our forte is in how we treat our patients.  This is true of new ones as well as steady patients.  We believe, if our patients do not have a great experience each time, there may not be any other times to impress them.

We advocate that pet owners come for their first visit when it is NOT an emergency.  We provide routine pet care such as annual check-ups, vaccinations, etc.  Our team here is committed to you and your babies and will give exceptional service from the very first visit and each visit going forward.  We can all get to know each other at our excellent animal hospital.

This Veterinarian in Des Moines Makes it Easy

At Fleur Pet Hospital, we make the first visit easy, as well as every visit after that.  We have forms online that you can print out and fill in prior to arriving.  It is even possible to fax those to us ahead of time.  There are a bevy of forms available, one for each type of a visit you will need.

Another easy aspect of a visit that we give our patients is payment flexibility.  We accept several different forms of payment methods that allow you different ways in which to pay your final invoice. We have information on our website as to where you can get pet insurance if you do not already have it. 


If you are looking for a veterinarian in Des Moines, make sure you check out Fleur Pet Hospital.  You will not find a more caring staff anywhere.  Your fur-baby will enjoy his or her first visit and every other visit afterwards, and so will you!



Read What Our Clients Say

  • "They are always very friendly and competent. I had looked at my appointment time wrong and they fit me in so I did not have to drive home and come back. I highly recommend them."
    Mary M.
  • "We just love Dr. Williams and her entire crew. We have been customers for 10 years now. This team helped our old kitties age gracefully and pass on in comfort when their time came. We now have an 18-month-old puppy and when our Chewy hurt her leg yesterday they got us in for an appointment within 45 minutes. Unfortunately, our little girl is going to need surgery, but Dr. Williams is qualified to do it. We trust her absolutely with our babies."
    Susan G.
  • "Fleur Pet Hospital is awesome! They take great care of my dog and are always super patient with her and her needs. They were able to trim her nails with no problem when other offices said she’d need to be sedated. They were able to trim them without sedating her or giving her anti-anxiety meds! I’d recommend them to anyone!"
    Clairice M.
  • "Great service. All of the staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and overall gave me a great experience for me and my cat. I will be making this my regular vet clinic from now on."
    Gwen H.
  • "What an experience! It is obvious the staff here all love what they do. The receptionist greeted my pup by his name, showed lots of love to him. The tech listened to My concerns and Dr. Lisa was just awesome. So caring and it shows. I really appreciated the up front price estimate before anything is done. Fleur Pet Hospital is the only vet my fur babies will be seeing! Highly recommend."
    Sarah R.

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