How Often Should You Schedule A Pet Exam?

Bringing a pet into your home comes with a lot of responsibility. Your pets count on you for their food, a warm place to live, and their health. Much like their human counterparts, pets benefit from regular medical check-ups. At Fleur Pet Hospital, Dr. Williams and her staff provide a wide array of veterinary services to Des Moines and the surrounding communities. Pet exams at a veterinarian’s office are not always one size fits all. They will depend on the type of animal you have as well as their age. Let’s get to know a bit more about these exams and how they can help keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come.

When Pets Need an Exam

Pet care begins when your pet is a baby. Whether it is a dog, cat, bird, or bunny, our veterinarian will give your pet an initial exam and discuss any treatment options as needed.


In Iowa, dogs need to have a rabies vaccination administered by a veterinarian. Your dog or puppy will also need other vaccinations to protect them from the many other serious diseases that can affect them. This may mean several visits before it is a year old. After that time, yearly exams are the norm unless your pet has a medical condition that requires more frequent exams. Once your dog is a senior, more frequent exams may be needed as well.


Cats are not required by law to have a rabies vaccination in Iowa, but it is strongly recommended. Other vaccines are considered core vaccines and are required. Your kitten or cat will need a vaccination schedule to maintain the effectiveness of these vaccines. Yearly exams are recommended until cats reach senior status, at which point they should be reevaluated. For most other pets including birds, a yearly exam is the best course of action unless there are medical issues.

Schedule Your Pet’s Wellness Exam in Des Moines, IA

Our team at Fleur Pet Hospital offers comprehensive pet care for all of your furry friends. We will make your experience at our animal hospital a positive one from your very first visit. Call us today at (515) 285-1297 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Williams.


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