What to Know Before Your Pet's Grooming Appointment

Pet grooming can be an important part of pet care, but pets can be terrified of grooming visits so it helps to prepare them just as you would for a veterinary appointment in the Des Moines and Milliman area.

Preparing a Puppy

A younger pet is easier to acclimate to veterinary visits or grooming since they aren’t scared of past experiences and are playful and curious. To begin training, your puppy should learn to be in its crate. You should also handle your pet the way a groomer or veterinarian will a few weeks before the appointment. You should brush the dog, run your hands up and down the legs, wiggle the toenails, and gently hold the tail.

Preparing an Adult Dog

If you haven’t taken your dog to the groomer before, it can be hard to know how he or she will react. You can acclimate your dog to the sensory overload that happens at the groomer if you start to gradually expose them to sounds and items they will encounter. These include nail clippers, water sprayers, hairdryers, brushes, and hair trimmers. Dogs that have a history of abuse or behavioral issues can have special challenges. You can use the same methods as preparing your adult dog and it can help to visit the groomer’s office before the appointment. Offer some treats to help your dog relax.

What Your Dog Needs Before the Appointment

Groomers can require pets to be up to date on vaccinations so be sure to have proof of vaccinations from your veterinarian.

The Day of the Appointment

On the day of your grooming appointment, keep your normal routine at home as much as possible. Give your pet food and water at the normal time and encourage your pet to use the bathroom in their usual manner. Encourage a good attitude by being positive and enthusiastic at the appointment and using a cheerful voice. Positive encouragement and talk can lower stress on arrival. Your pet should be comfortable using a leash and you should have your pet’s collar with their ID on. After the appointment, using the same positive reinforcement can help.

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