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Fleur Pet Hospital Doggy Daycare

An animal hospital is not the first place most people think of when looking for doggy daycare. However, our doggy daycare program at Fleur Pet Hospital puts a far more positive spin on visiting the veterinarian, providing you with daytime care for your furry best friend when you need time for work, errands, or vacation. Our fun-loving staff members are also dog safety experts. When you leave your pet with us, you can be sure he or she is in good hands.


Doggy Daycare Benefits

With the Fleur Pet Hospital Doggy Daycare enrollment, your canine friend will get regular exposure with other dogs in a caring environment that emphasizes dog safety along with activities overseen by our fun-loving staff. Socialization is important for keeping dogs well-tempered. By conditioning dogs to expect interaction with new and unknown situations regularly, dogs tend to be calmer, more relaxed around visitors, and can get along easier with other dogs.

Our doggy daycare program provides both group time as well as isolated relaxing, and it gives our caring staff a chance to spot any particular health issues your dog might be suffering from. Your pet gets a great day away from the house with other dogs, and you get a break knowing your pet is taken care of and safe versus just being put in a kennel cage somewhere without proper care.

Additional Location Benefits

The Doggy Daycare is also a great program to take advantage of when your pet already has an appointment scheduled with our veterinarian. You can take care of the appointment in the morning and give your pet a way to relax and enjoy a day while you work, shop, visit with friends, or otherwise spend your free time.

Des Moines Doggy Daycare

At Fleur Pet Hospital, we have years of experience offering residents of Des Moines and the surrounding areas compassionate veterinary services, including doggy daycare. Dog safety is our highest priority, and you can count on your pet having a safe and enjoyable stay at our animal hospital. For more information about our pet boarding services or to schedule an appointment, call us at .


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