Pet Grooming at Fleur Pet Hospital

Keeping your dog or cat groomed and tidy is easy when you schedule an appointment here at Fleur Pet Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa.  Beyond keeping your home and furniture free from the smells of gamey pets, regular grooming is instrumental in maintaining your furry family member’s health.  For an array of grooming services, Fleur Pet Hospital is the animal hospital you can trust to look after your pet’s health, beginning with a regular grooming routine.


Grooming at Fleur Pet Hospital

Whether your pet is in need of a bath or has toe nails that are in dire need of clipping, we offer a professional grooming service that is backed up with the expertise of our talented groomer with more than three decades of experience.  In addition to getting her own dogs into show condition for the competitive circuit, her extensive experience handling cats and dogs gives her an almost intuitive sense when working with these animals.

Full-Service Veterinarian and Animal Hospital

Fleur Pet Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa is a full-service veterinarian and animal hospital dedicated to the care of our patients from surgery to grooming and all aspects of their health in between.   It is for that reason that we recommend regular bathing and cleaning.  Animals that are not regularly groomed can suffer physical and emotional harm.

A dirty coat smells less than ideal, but can also contribute to skin irritation or serve to harbor allergens that cause respiratory issues.  Likewise, a pet suffering from an ingrown nail or infected tooth might exhibit behaviors that are completely out of character, such as nipping or biting.  Regular bathing, clipping, and ear cleanings is the first line of defense in ensuring that your pet is happy and healthy inside and out.  

Schedule an Appointment at Fleur Pet Hospital

For pet lovers in the Des Moines area needing expert grooming service, or are looking for a veterinary team that cares as much about your furry family member’s health as you do, we invite you to contact our office.  We make scheduling easy because we know that you have a busy life, and our caring team is looking forward to meeting you and your furry friend.  As a full-service animal hospital, we cater to your animal’s complete health. That begins with keeping your pets clean and happy by scheduling a visit with our loving groomer who can’t wait to get to know your dog or cat.


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