Pet Grooming

Enjoy Full-Service Pet Grooming at Fleur Pet Hospital

Regular grooming services help keep pets clean, comfortable, and odor- and pest-free. Our veterinarian recommends these visits not only for beauty reasons but also because they can boost your pet’s overall health and confidence. Look no further than the expert groomers at Fleur Pet Hospital in Des Moines for a top-notch grooming routine customized for your pet's specific needs and lifestyle habits.

Pet Grooming

Services Our Groomers Provide

We have an entire team wholly dedicated to bathing and pet grooming services for cats and dogs. There are separate spaces to keep pets calm and separated during their treatments and stay with us. A few of our services that clients routinely request include:

- Shampooing and Conditioning

- Medicated Baths for Fleas, Ticks & Skin Conditions

- Brush Outs of Matted or Tangled Fur

- Specialty & Breed-specific Haircuts

- Ear Cleaning

- Nail Trimming, Buffing & Polishing

Should our technicians discover any hidden issues during the service, they alert the vet, who will pass along the details to the owner.

The Health Benefits of Routine Pet Grooming

Regardless of breed or age, dogs and cats can benefit both physically and emotionally from being clean and fresh. Routine bathing and brushing remove unwanted dirt, dead hair, and dandruff on the coat and skin, keeping their fur looking shiny and healthy. Looking good boosts a pet’s confidence and comfort too!

Bathing pets can help eradicate and prevent certain diseases and conditions that can result from parasite infestations. Some common illnesses transmitted by fleas and ticks include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and skin inflammation. Medicated baths can remove pests already dead and kill active ones fast. Regular visits to our grooming team can eradicate these issues and use preventives to keep them at bay.

As mentioned earlier, these sessions let our pet groomers get a close look at the animal’s skin, coat, mouth, and nails. Common problems they often identify include cracked nails, hot spots, signs of allergic reactions, dental issues, inflammation, and certain external skin conditions. They will report any findings to our veterinarian, who may recommend that owners take quick action to find solutions to make pets more comfortable.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Groomers at Fleur Pet Hospital

Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? If you live near Des Moines and need professional comprehensive grooming services, our team at Fleur Pet Hospital has you covered. We understand that life keeps you busy, so we make scheduling online or by phone at 515-285-1297 a quick and easy process. Our veterinarian and team of groomers look forward to getting to know your furry friend and helping them feel and look better year-round.


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