Pet Wellness Exam

When you’re looking for a qualified veterinarian and animal hospital in the Des Moines, IA, region, we at Fleur Pet Hospital are here to help you. A Des Moines vet on our team can offer a range of services from vaccinations and preventative care to pet wellness counseling and nutrition to specialized services such as pet dental care.

To keep your beloved pet in the best condition possible, our team of veterinary professionals may recommend a pet wellness exam at least once a year for a healthy young dog or cat and may recommend twice a year or more for cats, dogs, and other pets who are advancing in age or otherwise experiencing special health needs.


What Is a Pet Wellness Exam?

A pet wellness exam is similar to a human physical exam that we receive every year to ensure that our body is still functioning in a healthy manner. During a pet wellness exam, a veterinarian on our team will look over your pet’s overall health and evaluate the function of their systems. Our vet team may also help address any health concerns that you may have such as dental issues, urinary tract infections, other infections, and more.

Additionally, the pet wellness exam can be a great time to get your pet boosted and up to date on their necessary vaccinations. Overall, a pet wellness exam can help your pet experience strong health in the immediate future and for years to come.

Why Is a Pet Wellness Exam Important?

If your pet is young, healthy, and kept indoors at all times, you may wonder why a pet wellness exam is necessary. It may seem like an extra hassle and an unwanted expense that you don’t seem to need. Even if your pet appears to be totally healthy and well, you may still want to schedule that yearly pet wellness exam. This is because animals can do a great job at hiding signs of illness or injury. They can also have problems that are just beginning that are not showing noticeable symptoms. Wellness exams can help if they do have a problem, since we can address it right away before it becomes a bigger issue.

Of course, if your pet is having an health issue or is sick, you should get them to a veterinary hospital or clinic as soon as you notice serious changes in their behavior, symptoms, or routine. 

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At Fleur Pet Hospital in Des Moines, IA, we offer a range of veterinary services. From annual pet wellness exams to dental care to doggy daycare, we’ll treat your four-footed family member like our own. Call our office at (515)-285-1297 for pet dental care.


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