The Importance of Radiology from Fleur Pet Hospital

At Fleur Pet Hospital, we believe it is important for everyone in the Des Moines area to have access to a veterinarian who practices at a well-rounded animal hospital. One of the services that we provide to our furry patients is pet radiology. This is an important diagnostic tool that we use to identify medical issues in our patients. Take a look at how pet radiology can make a difference in your pet’s healthcare.


How Does Pet Radiology Work?

Radiology is a field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis of certain conditions using advanced imaging procedures. As a veterinarian at an animal hospital, radiology can be used to figure out why a pet might be sick or injured. Radiology works in different ways depending on the procedure. One of the most common procedures at Fleur Pet Hospital is an x-ray. An x-ray uses a small beam of radiation to generate an image. The image will look different depending on the density of the material through which it passes. For example, bone is heavy and will show up white. On the other hand, liquid is light and will show up dark.

Another common procedure we use is called ultrasound. This imaging technique uses sound waves instead of radiation to generate an image. Furthermore, ultrasound can be used to generate images in real-time. This makes the technique particularly useful for certain medical procedures.

What Conditions Can This Diagnose?

Radiology can be used to diagnose a variety of medical conditions. For example, one of the main applications of x-ray imaging is the diagnosis of broken bones. An x-ray can be used to help a surgeon plan his or her approach in the repair process. Radiology tools can also be used to diagnose tumors, cysts, and abscesses. In some cases, these pockets of liquid can be removed with a small needle. In other cases, a full surgical procedure might be required. Our radiology tools are important parts of what we do at Fleur Pet Hospital in Des Moines.

Come and Visit Our Animal Hospital Today

At Fleur Pet Hospital, we take a tremendous amount of pride in the services we provide to the pets of the Des Moines area. Our radiology services allow us to diagnose conditions quickly. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your pet, please call us today at (515) 285-1297.  


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