Pet Radiology

Radiographs are vital in identifying pet emergencies and other conditions in veterinary medicine. At Fleur Pet Hospital in Des Moines, we provide safe pet radiology to keep your precious animal healthy.


What Is Pet Radiology?

Pet radiology is the imaging that helps in diagnosing cats, dogs, and other exotic pets. Radiographs (X-ray images) enable radiologists to examine your pet’s body for injury or diseases. Radiography is usually the initial method that veterinarian radiologists use to diagnose or identify the necessity for further imaging.

Radiographs are not only used to assess bones but also provide lungs, heart, and abdominal organs examination. It is also fast, painless, and economical. In some cases, the pet may need to undergo follow-up examinations to monitor their progress.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography has made it convenient since it provides more detail for soft tissue. Fleur Pet Hospital offers digital radiography services enabling various experts to evaluate your pet’s radiographs.

A surgeon can consult with the radiologist while in the surgery room (both see similar images in different locations). Our veterinary radiologist can also provide you or your veterinarian with a CD copy of these images for more comprehensive records.

Who Is a Veterinary Radiologist?

A veterinary radiologist is skilled in diagnostic imaging, for example, X-rays (radiographs), ultrasound, magnetic resonance (MR), nuclear scintigraphy, and computed tomography in animals.

The Role of a Veterinary Radiologist

Some veterinary radiologists do diagnostic imaging. Others interpret and advise using those diagnostic images. Some are experts in interventional diagnostic procedures, for instance, biopsies. Our animal hospital offers you accurate pet radiology services for your pet’s management and treatment.

When pet radiology is not done accurately, it can cause damages. That is why our veterinarian radiologists go through thorough training and practice to perfect their skills before handling pets. Through this, we are able to eliminate the chances of harming your cat or dog.

Radiation Safety

Fleur Pet Hospital prioritizes your pet’s safety during radiography. Ionization radiation such as X-ray is lethal and may cause cellular damage when the radiologist neglects safety precautions. In the radiography room, there are three sources of ionization radiation: scatter radiation, primary beam, and X-ray tube head.

When the pet patient or staff is exposed to scatter radiation, it can be hazardous. That is why our animal hospital provides a radiology safety program that meets the state department of health regulations. This program protects our pet patients and the technical team from scatter radiation.

We also provide tested and proved safety monitoring devices, which help to check the amount of radiation on the receiving end when performing radiologic procedures. We also send them to a federally ratified laboratory after one month of use.

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