What to Expect

Paying a visit to the animal hospital can be a stressful time both for you and your pet. Here at the Fleur Pet Hospital, we want to put you and your pet at ease. To achieve that goal, we’ve put together this article detailing what you can expect when you visit us. Read on to learn more about the veterinary services we offer.

What You Will See in Our Animal Hospital

“Should I visit the veterinarian near me?” is a question that many pet owners often ask. They don’t want to entrust their pet to just anyone and that’s perfectly understandable. Here at Fleur Pet Hospital, we have made the requisite investments to put together the best medical center possible. Our veterinarians are highly experienced. They are patient and fully capable of dealing with pets of all personality types. Furthermore, our veterinarians are also supported by staff members who have worked closely with pets for several years.

You can also see the commitment we have made to providing only the best in veterinary care when you check out the equipment we have. We’ve acquired state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that we can administer an accurate pet exam whenever it is needed. Once the pet exam has been administered, you will finally know which diseases or disorders are currently affecting your pet.

A Routine Visit to the Animal Hospital

During annual checkups, our veterinarian will carefully examine your pet’s current condition. They will check their body thoroughly to see if any abnormalities have emerged. Hopefully, the examination will turn out clean and your pet will be given a clean bill of health. We can also show you how to brush your pet’s teeth. Knowing how to do that is important because pets will need more diligent oral care as they get older.

Schedule a Pet Exam with Our Veterinarian in Des Moines

Count on us to always make high-quality veterinary care available to your pet. We are proud of the service we provide here at the Fleur Pet Hospital. Drop by our facility on the south side of  Des Moines, IA  near the Des Moines International Airport if you want to give your pet expert veterinary care. Call us today at for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. 


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